Modes of Delivery

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MAGU has three modes of delivering classes; 

  1. Regular classes in conventional classroom environment with classes done from Monday to Friday
  2. Weekend classes done over the weekend only
  3. Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL)

These modes of delivery are available in both Lilongwe main campus and Blantyre campus

Regular classes

Face-to-face traditional classroom envirionment

Classes are conducted during the working days, typically Monday through Friday. They provide a consistent and structured schedule for students to acquire knowledge and skills.

Weekend classes

Classes are conducted on weekends

Weekend classes are lectures held during the weekend. These are designed to provide flexibility for students with other weekly commitments.

Weekend classes are particularly beneficial for students who work full-time during the week. They can pursue their education without compromising their job responsibilities. They offer excellent opportunity for students who are looking to enter or advance in certain fields

ODeL classes

Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL)

The MAGU ODeL was accredited by NCHE-Malawi in 2022. The Open, Distance and Electronic Learning(ODeL) System is an omnibus program delivery system for MAGU established with the purpose of extending its excellent education products to candidates who can not access them in the regular and traditional format of a university. 

The ODeL systems is a blended approach that is able to bring students for a short period of time to introduce various programs and then allows the Facilitators to guide the discovery of knowledge through the eLearning platform over an extended period of time

What to Study

At MAGU we have 20 undgraduate programmes. Whether you have just finished your MSCE and are looking for undergraduate degree, or you transfering from another university, MAGU has something for you.

What to Expect

Once admitted at MAGU into a programme, the student is expected to complete all the required courses and to fulfill the mandatory minimum of credit hours of study. Degree programmes require eight semesters of four years.

How to Apply

Applicant must have atleast MSCE, IGSCE or any other internationally recognised qualification comparable to ‘O’ level certificates with at least six credit passes (atleast ‘6’ at MSCE or ‘C’ at IGCSE) including English Language


There are average costs per programme per semester per mode of delivery. Fees refer to tuition costs but there are extra costs like food and accomodation, transport, etc.


MAGU ofers certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters, and PhD from our 3 academic faculties. When you choose Explore our list of programmes Be part of our MAGU academic family.

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